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  • Martes, 09 de Mayo de 2017

    When I started working in Granada about 15 years ago, teaching English to children and adolescents was very different from what it is today. Among many other reasons, there are two things that have, from my point of view, most radically changed: our students’ knowledge and skills regarding, and their attitude towards the subject.

    Back then, in 2002, pupils with a real interest in English were in a clear minority. Foreign languages were considered as something like a hobby, a nice skill to possess, but rather  as  important as being able to play the piano. Luckily, two developments... Leer más...

  • Lunes, 20 de Mar de 2017

    Travelling teacher’s guide to culinary wonders of the East by Dariusz Pieniak

    We´ve all heard a lot about the cultural and gastronomic differences between Spain and the countries of Eastern Europe, which are commonly considered to be the lands of sausages, potatoes and cabbages constantly boiling. Of course, that is true to a certain degree, but countries like Poland have much more to offer , even those who can´t imagine life without the staple Spanish and Andalusian dishes always on the table. Specifically, I present you with 4 dishes I would like... Leer más...

  • Martes, 17 de Ene de 2017

    My personal experience on early exposure to a foreign language.By Ana Hernández

    I consider my circumstances to be quite helpful. Brought up in the United States by my Cuban family, I was able to take in the necessary influence of both English and Spanish enough to be independently fluent in these two languages. 

    At home, my parents would only speak to me in Spanish, something I remember despising. As a child I wasn't able to understand why they wouldn't speak to me in English, like my friends, teachers and TV would. But because they insisted, all the muscles that... Leer más...

  • Viernes, 25 de Nov de 2016

    Thanksgiving and Black Friday - why is Black Friday “black”? (by Chad Jones)

    Many people know Thanksgiving (also known as Día Acción de Gracias) is a day in which American families “give thanks” by spending time with their families and eating too much food. And many people also know that the following day, Black Friday, is as a day of discounts and sales celebrated across the Western world.

    But why is Black Friday called “black?”  For example, why not “Green Friday”, because of all the money people spend?  Or maybe Blue Friday,... Leer más...

  • Lunes, 24 de Oct de 2016

    What´s in a Halloween Costume?

    By Bryn Hobbs

    Ghosts, vampires, zombies and demons; what we often connect with Halloween along with jack-o´-lanterns and the ubiquitous squeals of ¨trick or treat!¨ from neighbourhood children going door to door.  But what about lumberjacks, aliens, trees, cats, ladybugs or Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz? All are costumes that I have put together in the past to celebrate the 31st of October.

    Dressing up for parties here in Spain or telling tales of past Halloween adventures,Spanish friends have usually... Leer más...